Conference Presentations

Selected Conference Presentations

“Genre Matters: Sameness and Difference in Sunni Traditionalism.” Global Muslim Encounters: Homogenisation and Diversity across Time and Space.” University of Cambridge. 9-10 December 2016.

“Troubling Technologies: The Regulation of Modern Media in Deobandi Orthodoxy.” Negotiating Technologies: A Muslim South Asia Workshop (SOAS, University of London). Workshop held at Trinity College, University of Cambridge. 14-15 October 2016.

“Revealing and Concealing Technologies: Ashraf ‘Ali Thanvi on Technological Modernity in British India.” Princeton South Asia Conference (Conference Theme: “Technologies and Traditions”). Princeton University. 17-18 April 2015.

“Muslim Politics in the Virtual: Muhammad Qasim Nanautvi’s Ontology.” Annual Meeting of the Association for Asian Studies. Philadelphia 27-30 March 2014.

“Displaced Ornaments: The Body Unbecoming in Naiza Khan’s Art.” Annual Meeting of the Modern Language Association. Chicago. 9-12 January 2014.

“Knowledge in Late Sunni Traditionalism: Genealogy of a Concept.” Annual Meeting of the AAR. Baltimore, Maryland. 23-26 November 2013.

“Ashraf ‘Ali Thanvi’s Bihishti zewar and the Paradox of Traditionalist Authority.” The Princeton Islamic Studies Colloquium Graduate Student Conference on “Failure” in Islamic Reform. Princeton University. April 12-13, 2013.

“Speculum of a different aurat: South Asian Muslim Traditionalism Meets Irigaray.” South Asia By the Bay Graduate Student Conference. Stanford University. May 9-11, 2012.

“Simone de Beauvoir, Biopolitics, and the Nonsovereign Autonomous Subject.” Simone de Beauvoir Today Syposium. Duke University. September 23, 2011.

“Between Memory and Imagination: Muhammad Iqbal’s Hermeneutics of Temporality.” Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion. Montreal, Canada.  7-10 November 2009.

“Gender Trouble in Islamicate Texts and Contexts: Ashraf ‘Ali Thanawi on the Body, Gender, and Sexuality.” Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion. Montreal, Canada.  7-10 November 2009.

“Constant Craving for the Divine: Psychoanalytic Practices in a North Indian Sufi Hospice.” Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion, Chicago, Illinois. November 1-3, 2008.

“‘What their Hands Have Sent Forward’: Performatives of the Hand as Described in Qur’anic Exegesis and Hadith Literature.” Fifth Annual Duke-UNC Islamic Studies Conference. Duke University. April 5-6, 2008.

Tajdid-i Tasawwuf-o Suluk: South Asian Ulamas’ Attempts at Translating and Situating Sufism in an Orthodox Theological Framework.” Third Annual Duke-UNC Islamic Studies Conference. Duke University. April 14-15, 2006.


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